What is an Energy Rating?

An Energy Rating is a calculation of the heating and cooling loads required to maintain a comfortable living environment within a given building. Factors taken into consideration include insulation, glazing, construction type, building size, orientation, and climate zone.


Why do I need an energy rating for my house?

The Building Commission of Victoria requires all new homes, additions and alterations in Victoria to have a 6 star energy rating You will be required to submit an Energy Rating Report prepared by an Accredited Assessor in order to obtain a building permit.

How much will it cost?

The cost of having an energy ratings done on your house varies depending on the complexity of design and size of the house. A standard single storey house is $200.00 to give you an idea.


At what stage is it best to get an energy rating?

Once the building plans are close to being finalised it is generally a good time to get an energy rating. If, however, the design is likely to experience difficulty to achieve a 6-Star rating, or if you have goals to achieve a high star rating, it is best to contact us earlier in the design phase to conduct a preliminary assessment. This way we can provide guidance to the designer to ensure you reach the desired star rating.


How long will it take?

We deliver a fast turnaround to ensure the building project can progress efficiently. Generally allow 2-3 days for your average rating.


What do the stars mean?

Zero stars means the building shell does practically nothing to keep out heat in summer and retain heat in winter. 6 stars indicate a good level of thermal performance, and reduced energy bills. 10 stars is the maximum, and means no artificial cooling or heating will be required to maintain a comfortable living environment year round.


Do I need an energy rating for a renovation or extension?

Any extension or alteration requiring a building permit also requires an energy rating. If the renovation work represents less than 50% of the original volume of the building, then the whole house only must show an improvement on the original plans, more than 50% and the entire building will require a 6 star energy rating.


What information do I need to provide?

A complete set of plans in PDF format or hard copy, including:
Floor & roof plans, elevations, sections, site plan, construction materials, insulation levels, window glazing and sizes.


What if my house doesn’t rate 6 stars?

No problem. If your design doesn’t initially reach the 6 star standard, Domain Energy Ratings will suggest some straightforward changes. In most cases we can provide a variety of alternatives which will help you achieve 6 stars or higher.


Will it cost more to build to 6 Star?

Given the building has good design and orientation for its specific location, increased costs to reach 6 stars should be minimal. In any case, it makes good financial sense to seek the right advice from a reputable Accredited Assessor to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.


Who can perform an energy rating?

Only accredited assessors are able to perform an energy rating assessment. We are accredited by BDAV (Builders Designers Association of Victoria) and have completed over 600 assessments so you can be guaranteed of our accuracy and reliability.


What tools will be used to rate my house?

We use First Rate 5, second generation House Energy Rating (HER) software. This latest addition is the most accurate to date and allows greater flexibility in reaching your desired star rating. Since May 2009 only second generation assessment tools have been permitted for use in conducting energy ratings within Australia.


How much will it cost?

The cost of having an energy ratings done on your house varies depending on the complexity of design and size of the house. A standard single storey house is $200.00to give you an idea.