New Dwellings

From 1 May 2011, all new homes, renovations and additions in Victoria will be required to meet a minimum 6 star energy rating, with inclusion of either a solar hot water system or a rainwater tank.

The 6 Star Standard applies to the thermal performance of a home. Thermal performance is concerned with the energy retention or loss characteristics of a building system. The thermal performance of buildings is affected by a complex relationship between all components of the structure, and the environment.

For most houses, achieving the 6 Star standard requires a few simple improvements to the standard design and construction of a home. This may be achieved through a wide range of options, such as increasing the level of insulation, better orientation and exterior shading, better seals and draught-proofing and the use of high performance glazing.

To assess your project we will need the working drawings/plans (preferably in electronic pdf format). Our assessment time frame is normally within 24- 48 hours. If initial plans do not achieve 6 star rating, we will continue to work with you (at no extra cost) to achieve compliance.