Interstate Accreditation

As accredited BDAV Thermal Performance Assessors (TPA’s) we are able to assist with projects that will be undertaken in states outside of Victoria.

New South Wales (BASIX)

Introduced by the NSW government BASIX; Building Sustainability Index, measures data relating to the dwelling design and how this data scores against set Energy and Water targets. These set targets must be met before a BASIX certificate can be issued. A significant part of this analysed data relates to the results generated by a Thermal Performance Assessment which must be completed by an accredited TPA.

At Domain Energy we are able to complete both the Thermal Performance Assessment and a BASIX certificate.


For further information please contact Shane Butler on 0409 595576



In Queensland, new houses, townhouses and major renovations to these buildings (e.g. additions, alterations or re-locations) must achieve a minimum 6-star energy equivalence rating.

To reflect Queensland lifestyle and climate optional credits for outdoor living areas and photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems can be used to meet the 6-star housing standard. Domain Energy, in assessing your project, can advise if your dwelling is entitled to these credits which assist in reducing  a dwellings minimum star requirement.



Tasmania requires that all Class 1 buildings (detached house or unit) and all Class 10a buildings (non habitable outbuildings) that have a conditioned space (heated or cooled) must meet 5 star minimum standards.


Domain Energy Ratings can assist with interstate projects.